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St. Hope Foundation

Better Business Bureau Report issued May 2014
Better Business Bureau Report expires May 2015

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Charity Contact Information

Name: St. Hope Foundation
Address: 6200 Savoy Dr., Suite 540
  Houston, TX 77036
Phone: 713-778-1300
Web Address:
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Better Business Bureau Comments

Year, State Incorporated: 1999, Texas
Affiliates: None
Stated Purpose: The purpose of the nonprofit corporation shall be to offer culturally compassionate, quality community healthcare that integrates medical, behavioral health, dental, clinical research, and pharmacy and prevention services to eliminate health disparities and improve the health status of patients as it pertains to various disease states that include but is not limited to HIV/AIDS, heart disease, stroke, mental health and cancer. We seek to make a difference by providing life impacting health care that improves the patient's health outcomes.

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Evaluation Conclusions


St. Hope Foundation meets the 20 Standards for Charity Accountability.
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St. Hope Foundation, a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) community health organization was established in 1999. The Foundation was created in response to the growing need for viable, effective healthcare designed to provide quality services to reduce health disparities within Houston and rural counties. St. Hope serves people living with HIV/AIDS. Their health centers are created with a private-practice setting atmosphere, offering a full range of medical, prevention and behavioral health services onsite which include: Internal Medicine-Infectious Diseases HIV/STD/HCV screening Obstetrics and Gynecology for high risk females Dermatology Nutritional Counseling Dental Care (Rural-Conroe) Specialty Pharmacy (ADAP Enrolled) Clinical Research Medical Transportation Evidenced Based Interventions (prevention groups). In 2012, St. Hope Foundation provided 5,347 Sexual Health Screenings; 14,662 Medical Patient Visits; 5,083 Medical Case Management Visits; 1,549 Dental Visits; 21,008 Prescriptions Filled; and 11,609 Medical Transportation Trips.

For the fiscal year ended December 31, 2012, St. Hope Foundation's program expenses were:

Ryan White - Part A 3,964,552
Ryan White -Part B 576,456
Center for Disease Control 385,204
City of Houston 163,866
Research 145,494
HRSA 87,853
Ryans White - Part D 3,062
Total Program Expenses: $5,326,487
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Chief Executive : Rodney Goodie, Executive Director

Chair of the Board: B. Denyse Thierry, Board President
Chair's Profession / Business Affiliation: Attorney

Board Size: 9

Paid Staff Size: 82

*Compensation includes annual salary and, if applicable, benefit plans, expense accounts, and other allowances.
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Fund Raising


Method(s) Used:

direct mail, internet
Fund raising costs were 5% of related contributions. (Related contributions, which totaled $5,172,253, are donations received as a result of fund raising activities.)
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Tax Status


This organization is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. It is eligible to receive contributions deductible as charitable donations for federal income tax purposes.
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The following information is based on St. Hope Foundation's audited financial statements for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2012.

Source of Funds  
Government Sources 4,901,800
Commercial Activities 927,099
Research Grants 154,859
Public Support 105,000
Special Events (Birdies For Charity) 10,594
Other (Interest income, etc) 333
Total Income $6,099,685


Uses of Funds as a % of Total Expenses

Programs: 86%  Fund Raising: 4%  Administrative: 4%  Other Expenses: 6%

Total income $6,099,685
Program expenses $5,326,487
Fund raising expenses 245,924
Administrative expenses 221,723
Other Expenses 350,629
Total expenses $6,144,763
Expenses in Excess of Income (45,078)
Beginning net assets 431,771
Ending net assets 632,617
Total liabilities 400,189
Total assets $1,032,806

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The BBB has processed no complaints about this organization in the past 36 months, our standard reporting period.

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