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Soldier Relief Fund Kentucky Address

Better Business Bureau Report issued September 2013
Better Business Bureau Report expires September 2015

This Charity did not provide requested information. As a result, the Better Business Bureau cannot determine if it meets standards. Find out more...

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Charity Contact Information

Name: Soldier Relief Fund Kentucky Address
Address: 1939 Goldsmith Lane, Suite 135
  Louisville, KY 40218
Phone: 502-451-4445
Web Address:
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Better Business Bureau Comments

Year, State Incorporated: 2010, Kentucky
Affiliates: None
Stated Purpose: None

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BBB Wise Giving Alliance Comment


The BBB has requested information from this organization in order to evaluate them relative to compliance with BBB Standards for Charity Accountability and to develop a BBB charity report. The BBB has not received a response. Without this information, the BBB is not able to provide inquirers with information concerning such things as the organization’s programs, finances, governance, effectiveness, and solicitation practices.

While participation in BBB charity review is voluntary, the BBB believes that a charity’s willingness to disclose information beyond that typically included in its financial statements and government filings is an expression of openness that strengthens public trust in the charitable sector.

The BBB reports on charities and determines if they meet 20 Standards for Charity Accountability. The BBB does not endorse or recommend any particular charities or charitable causes.

If you have a question about a solicitation from this organization or if you would like additional information about BBB charity review please contact the BBB at (502) 588-0033 or by email to

Mail sent by to the Kentucky address for the Soldier Relief Fund has been returned by the Post Office as undeliverable. In addition to the Kentucky location, the Soldier Relief Fund also has an address in southern Indiana.

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Tax Status


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An organization may change its practices at any time without notice. A copy of this report has been shared with the organization prior to publication. It is not intended to recommend or deprecate, and is furnished solely to assist you in exercising your own judgment. If the report is about a charity and states the charity meets or does not meet the BBB Standards for Charity Accountability, it reflects the results of an evaluation of information and materials provided voluntarily by the charity. The name Better Business Bureau is a registered service mark of the Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc.

This report is not to be used for fund raising or promotional purposes.

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