Charity Reporting System

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What is a BBB Accredited Charity?

A BBB accredited charity is an organization that meets all 20 of the BBB Standards for Charity Accountability based on a review of information and materials provided by the organization. There is no charge to the charity for the evaluation completed by the BBB. Charities are not legally required to submit information and materials to the BBB for evaluation. For more details on the evaluation process, click here.

Accredited Charity Seal Holder Program

Charities that meet all 20 of the BBB Standards for Charity Accountability have the option of participating in a charity seal program that enables them to display the Accredited Charity Seal on their website and in their literature. If the organization is an Accredited Charity Seal holder, the charity seal appears in the heading of the BBB report. To learn more about the seal program, click here.